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 Trees need to be removed for a variety of reasons. The most obvious reason is for tree removal is death of the tree. Often trees must be removed because they pose a hazard to people or structures. Some trees have to be removed for future construction.

The top 10 reason why tree should be removed

  1. Damaging to Structures-Tree Removal may be necessary if the tree is hazardous to building structures or pavement areas.  
  2. Storm Damage-Tree Removal may not be required if the tree hit by lightening. Tree Removal may be required if the tree is severely damaged due to strong winds   
  3. Construction Renovations- Tree Removal may be necessary if the tree is obstruction in structure maintenance operations.   
  4. Liability & Maintenance Issues -Tree Removal is necessary to protect people and property if the tree is dead or dying.
  5. Dying
  6. Diseased
  7. Structural Failure  
  8. Utility conflicts-Tree Removal is required if the trees are immediately adjacent to the road way (or in some instance actually encroach into it), the potential for an accident involving serious injury is greatly increased.
  9. Sewer Problems
  10. Tree Removal is occasionally necessary from the crowded overgrown landscape. While this may not be pleasant, it can be necessary to provide proper growth for other trees on your property.


Tips on keep a healthy tree. We don't like to remove trees

Know where your sewer line is located.  Do not plant trees or any deep rooted vegetation within 15 feet of sewer line.  Install a sewer clean out if you do not have one in the front of your residence.

Estimates for tree removals from other companies can vary tremendously. Large and especially difficult removals can cost many thousands of dollars from other companies. Factors such as company tools, Training can impact the effort and cost of the removal. Call us we have the right tools and equipment to save you money.